Monday, June 23, 2008

Cause I Look Really Good Bald...

...was the answer given to me today by a mentally challenged customer when I asked him why he shaved his head. For the record, however, he does not look as good as me bald. Not by a long shot.

Not too much has been going on. Working out a lot. Running a lot. Not eating a lot. Feeling good. Thinking a lot about music but not actually doing more work. Haven't touched the song that still needs a lot of work, but I might have come up with a very basic idea for a new one. We shall see.

Saw a picture today on Facebook of all the cool kids in Chicago, and it looked like a good time. Sure would've been fun to head to Chicago on a road trip to see the play and catch up with Bewley, but alas, the timing was just slightly wrong. Sure hope the Schluetermetz' write about how it went...(hint, hint)

Tomorrow, my goal is to go to Sherwin-Williams and buy me some aluminum roof coating and paint our roof a nice, shiny, reflective silver so as to try and drop the average temperature of our apartment by a few degrees this summer. I'm looking forward to getting up on the roof and rockin' out to some Tom Waits in the ol' headphones and gettin' a little sun and having some fun.

This week, by the way, is my "Tom Waits Immersion" week. In preparation for the concert (this weekend!), I have been reading a good biography, listening to all his cd's (at first, alphabetically by song, but I listened all day on Friday and only got up to the E's! So I switched to chronologically. And I'll probably skip over some of The Black Rider. Sorry, Tom.), and gettin' myself all pumped up. I'm very excited.

I haven't had any booze or bacon since June 1st! Who are you and what have you done with the real Dan O'Brien?

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korn said...

i so enjoy this d.po better... hes much cheerier at work... is cheerier a word??