Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Bemmies, Ploobies, and Dragon Tails

Usually I have to poop sometime between 8am and 10am. But for the past few days I've been not pooping until I get home from work in the evenings. It makes for long turds.

What a good few days it's been!

The Beej was here, but he is no longer here. We hung out on Saturday, then on Saturday night he went to see the show, and I went to the inter-faith comedy show with Jeannie, and then on Sunday the Beej and I went to lunch at Old Country Buffet (f*** yeah!) where I ate too much and then rolled around like a baby, and then bowling with A-Train, and then went to strike the set. Then PKP drove the Beej to the airport, and after strike I went to a small gathering of folks from the show, which was very enjoyable. Lord, I hate trying to compress a weekend into a paragraph, it's not interesting for anybody to read, but there it is.

If you know me, then probably when you read that Jeannie and I went to an inter-faith comedy show, in your mind you said "WTF?" If that's what you said in your mind, then you truly know me. The words "inter-faith comedy show" regularly show up in my nightmares. The idea makes me slightly nauseous and makes the skin on my thighs get all flaky and irritated. But the J-Dog went because it's a big fundraiser for Habitat, and I went because I support the J-Dog. Basically it was 3 stand up comics - one christian, one muslim, and one jew. And they performed one after the other. It wasn't good, but it wasn't terrible. Basically, my thoughts about interfaith comedy shows remain unchanged. But I didn't die or anything. And the jewish comic was so good, I've decided to become a jew!

Yesterday I had a customer who, when I asked him if he wanted his receipt, said that I should "stick it in [my] ear for being so nice." I think, though, that he was really being sarcastic and that he was implying that I was not nice. I didn't let it get me down, though, because his fingernails were excessively long, and it's been a casual observation of mine that people with excessively long fingernails are generally at least slightly deranged.

Last night I purchased our tickets to Alaska. It's on. We leave the 19th.

Old Country Buffet was awesome, by the way.

Someone is hammering next door.

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David said...

It's true. Fingernail differences are really the only way we in Psychiatry can distinguish between sane and insane.