Friday, February 01, 2008

Get Down With the Jeannie

Today, while listening to my MP3 player on random, I heard for the first time a song by Kool and the Gang from the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack called "Open Sesame." After hearing this song, I have decided that Jeannie and I have to travel back in time and get married again so that this song can be our first dance at our wedding. It is truly a great song. How could I have overlooked it when I was looking for potential first dance songs? The chorus is "Get down with the genie." It's basically a song about a genie who does magical things, and every now and again the genie will shout out things like "Shazam!" or "Ala Kazaam!", and at one point in the song the genie declares, "I am the genie of sound!"

I will have to one day post this song so you can hear it cause it's really good.

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brian said...

I was just joking about spoiling!

Enjoy your saturday off!