Monday, February 25, 2008

Booyah, it's cold!

I've been known to have some strange dreams. But the dream I had the other night may take the cake. And it's pretty stunning in its simplicity. Here goes:

I dreamed that Britney Spears was going to be performing a concert. And in the concert, she was going to be wearing a big prosthetic dick. And her people hired me to teach her how to shake her big prosthetic dick.

That's it. Pretty simple. But pretty damned weird.

Other news: It's looking like the Alaska trip is going to happen. And happen soon, at that. J-Dog and I are looking to get the week after March 19th off work and fly on up to hang with Sean and Cole. And I'm gonna stay a few days longer than the Jeanners so Sean and I can work on some more recording. I'm pretty damned excited.

Hmmmm. Beej may be here for a whirlwind trip this weekend. Or, more specifically, Saturday. He'll be in town for about a day to come see the show and then jet off. So, I shall attempt to hang with him for as long as possible during that day.


Anonymous said...

OK, dickcheese. When is fake thanksgiving going to happen?

Anonymous said...

Please excuse my wife's discourteous post. We are naturally very excited for fake thanksgiving to happen; however, we're trying to avoid the use of coercive tactics.

Also, she calls everybody dickcheese. Please don't take any personal offense.


ps. ok. let's not beat around the bush. the real reason she's upset is that Britney Spears didn't ask her to be the official dick-shaking trainer first. sure, she probably would have declined, but it would have been nice to be asked.