Thursday, January 03, 2008

This is not my beautiful wife

I have been feeling a bit out of it lately, been feeling not like myself. I think this is a by-product of Christmas. I seem to recall feeling similar last year. Basically, things get all crazy for awhile and I get used to being in a totally work-oriented mode and I kinda get a little adrenaline rush and then we rush out of town and then rush back and I work a bunch to get things back to normal at work and then once everything gets kinda settled I'm just not really sure what's going on. So that's where I am now. But here's a few things that I'm sure of:

1. I'm excited by the idea of working on my cousin Mark's songs. I have always longed for someone who would write all the material and then I just get to play and record it. I think that that's pretty much exactly what this project will be like. I remember hearing a couple of his songs back when I was around 12 years old and I liked them then, so hopefully I'll still like them.

2. I enjoyed the hike the other day with Katie and me wife. And I enjoyed New Years Eve.

3. I like the way my new T-Shirt that says "Oh, by the way...I'M AWESOME" (that I got as a secret Santa gift) looks underneath my blue plaid lumberjack shirt. It's very hipster.

4. I need to spend like, a month alone with the Jeanners. Traveling. I feel like we haven't gotten to have any fun adventures in awhile.

5. I bought a new microphone and new preamp today. The microphone is just a good ol' Shure SM58, which I'm kinda excited about because I remember vocals being much easier to record before I had a fancy microphone. So hopefully if the new equipment makes recording vocals a lot easier, I'll record a lot more songs with vocals again.

6. I must get in touch with Sean about the planned trip to Alaska. I have been looking for good deals on flights, and the price has gone down slightly over the last month, but I must find out if there are any new developments on his end.

7. I need to actually go to the Loading Dock and look for some good doors and door frames for the set for DOLLS HOUSE. If I go there and they don't have doors and door frames, then I'm kinda screwed. Or at least I'll have more work to do than I originally planned. And, once I get the doors in hand, I can stop thinking/worrying about them.

8. It's bedtime. I gotsta get up at 5:45 tomorrow morning.

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