Friday, December 28, 2007

A quick trip and a stupid mistake

Christmas is over.

We had a good, fast, busy trip to St. Louis. Here are the high- and low- lights. In chronological muthafuckin' order.

1. 12/24/07, 5pm-ish. Arrive in St. Louis. Eat Foo's egg rolls, which I have heard about for years, and discover that they are as good as everyone says. They may ruin every egg roll I ever eat in the future.

2. 12/24/07, 11pm-1:30am, Drinks at the Ritz with Elz-ee-poo. I give him his Christmas present, the Black Beret Shower Cap.

3. 12/25/07, Various and sundry Christmas festivities. Then that night got a lovely call from J. Knese and met him and his brother and Casey and the Widitz' and K. Lowery. Ended up back at Jeff and Casey's and ate a burrito from QT called "The Bomb." I regretted it almost immediately, but it did end up making an interesting turd the next day.

4. 12/26/07 The Annual Day After Christmas O'Brien Ice Skating excursion. This year joined by R. Riley. Definitely a major highlight of the trip. Nice to shoot the shit. I should also mention that soon after waking up on the morning of the 26th, Jeannie's brother saw me naked. "I didn't see anything but hair." Fairly accurate.

5. 12/27/07 - Running around, trying to see people. More belated Christmas festivities. Aborted roasted vegetables.

6. 12/28/07 - Up at 6am and off to the airport. Arrive in B-more around 11:30, take the train, then a taxi to our apartment. While hailing the taxi, get a call from Korn, wondering where I am. Turns out I made a mistake and scheduled myself to work today at noon. Oops. So I haul ass and get home and then head out the door to work.
So I was late for work today and Korn had to work harder than she should've had to, for which I apologize.

That's it. Of course, much much more happened, but I think that I've covered all the things that I'd like to look back on and remember fondly.

And I'm tired of work and I haven't even been there for the last 3.5 days.

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Chris B said...

The title of your post sounds like a drunk driver pleading to a judge. I wanted more excitement, intrigue.

Sorry we missed out on the holiday fun--again. I was suddenly craving a classy midnight drink, but such escapades are unlikely in the middle of a cold, snowy Wichita evening.

Loved the card.