Thursday, December 20, 2007


Well, we're in the thick of it at work, and I've been getting sick for the last few days. So it was a good day to not have to go into work in the morning. I went to bed last night around 8pm, and then when I woke up at midnight I took some cold medicine so I could go back down for the rest of the night. Which has helped, but I still feel a bit under the weather. Hopefully work this evening won't be too bad.

Work has been extremely busy but not hellish (yet). This weekend should be a killer.

Went to dinner with the Jeanners at Eric (her old boss) and Lauren's place on Tuesday night. It was a good time. I'm feeling more relaxed there than I used to (as was evidenced by the lack of red wine at Tuesday's dinner) and we had a good time playing the game "Loaded Questions." Then after the dinner I went down to the 8x10 to check out John's band, "The Vespertine Movement." Terrible name. The show was decent. I felt very old. Reminded me a lot of Bernard's Pub. I wore earplugs.

That's about it. Right now I'm just focused on getting through work and getting rid of this cold. I'm currently going to try and kill it with a delicious bacon n' schmeggs breakfast, because I hear that bacon is one of the most deadly substances on Errff.

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