Friday, October 26, 2007

Who'll Stop the Rain?

The Elz is in town. Arrived yesterday, and we had a relatively uneventful day. Went to Fell's Point and had pizza in a strange Brazillian pizza place, then came home, hung out with the Jeanners when she got home from work, then went to a Mexican place that I've been wanting to try, El Patron. It kinda sucked. We were the only people in the place, and Eric ordered a vegetarian burrito that arrived filled with chicken. Then we came home and sat at the kitchen table and drank beers and chatted until we all hit the hay at around 10:30.

Eric was catching up on sleep and didn't wake up until noon this morning, then he and I headed down to DC for the day. I forgot to mention that it was rainy all day yesterday, and it was raining today, too. All day. It sucked. First, we got caught in traffic on our way out of Baltimore, so we sat downtown for about an hour, then when we finally got down to DC, it was ab-so-lute-ly fucking raining and nasty. So we walked around the mall in the rain for several hours. We went into the National Gallery of Art (and Farts) and saw all the modern art (and modern farts), and walked around in the rain. Then we took the subway to Chinatown and had a passable chinese dinner at a place that seemed to have 200 employees milling around, and as soon as you took a drink of water they would rush over and refill your glass.

Anyway, we made it home (still raining) and got some ice cream, and now here were are again sitting at the kitchen table with beer, except now we're listening to some tunes. Flaming Lips right now. Here's some pictures from our rainy Washington DC adventures.

Eric contemplates my modern farts.

Eric gets hungry near our National Phallus.

What life would be like if we all lived underground, on the moon.

The music has switched. It's Radiohead now. We were planning on going to New York tomorrow, but the forecast is calling for rain, and the idea of spending another day walking in the rain isn't sounding too great. So maybe we'll go see Darjeeling Limited tomorrow and think about heading to NYC on Sunday.

Whenever I get together with Eric, he takes lots of pictures with his large camera where I end up looking like a rockstar. So I'm going to take this opportunity to post a few pictures of me looking like a rockstar that I didn't have to take myself.


JW said...

Dan, if you and EE end up in NYC, let me know ( if you want to get a beer.

jennworth (yeah, really)

Old Aunt Amy said...

In that last one you look a little like one of those dead president dudes who needs some bronzer or something.

Heard it was a fun time. Glad to see proof of same.