Thursday, October 11, 2007

What global warming, indeed.

Well, here I am, spouting off like an alarmist liberal about global warming and 90 degree days in October and blah, blah, blah, and then it goes and turns all autumnal on my ass overnight.

Shit. I just dripped some salsa on my nice clean white undershirt. Actually, I've been wearing it all day so it's probably not technically "clean."

Anyway, it rained a bunch yesterday, and as a result the weather has turned a bit nippy. Thank god. Now I can wear my suit to Pat's wedding on Sunday and not be a sweaty bastard. Or at least be less of a sweaty bastard.

This chilly weather makes me want to go put on my new lumberjack shirt and stand outside, smoke a cigarette and drink red wine out of the bottle. In fact, I think those 3 things are exactly what my life is missing right now.

Jeannie's brother and his wife arrive tomorrow night. Through a last minute rearrangement of schedules at work, I now have tomorrow off, so I think I'll be spending it doing laundry and cleaning in preparation for their visit.

And now, a shout out to Jeff K., who has started up his own blog. I was unsure if he would want a public mention of his writings, but I figured that I heard about it via a MySpace bulletin, which makes me think that it's public already. So here it is:

Jeff is the bass player for the Quintessential Pine Tree Brothers, a handsome dude, and a helluva nice guy. Show him some respect.

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