Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Round-Up

Thanks to everyone who voted in last post's poll. The correct answer will be revealed at some point in the future.

Well, a lot has happened in the last few days. Let's start at the present and work our way back...

I just got home from an inventory at work. My first inventory (I think) that I didn't work with Bewley. Luckily I was working with cool kids Korn and Brian G. so it made my first Bewley-less inventory not so bad. So I'm blogging and enjoying a cheeserito (just cheese) and a G&T to wind down a little bit before bed.

Sunday was Pat and Teresa's wedding, which was, well, a hoot. We had a good time. Although getting to hang out with BJ and MAW for only a day is really just a tease, and not nearly a long enough amount of time. We did, however, get to meet Destiny, who is funny and sweet and seems (to me) understated, in a good way. I approve. The Jeanners (who is also understated, I would say) approves. I'm not even sure if I should be describing people using the word understated, but it's late and that's the word I want to use and I'm going to do it, dammit.

Anyway, Pat's wedding was fun. Good music (a nice mixture of motown and disco, with some Prince thrown in, too) and dancing, and although the reception was in a pretty fancy country club, it did not seem hoity-toity, which was nice. And we met some interesting people who I enjoyed talking to, even though I pretty much loath having to talk to anyone who I don't know and have recently (in the past couple of years) become fairly anti-social. So that was nice. A good day that made me tired the next day and hungover-feeling even though I didn't really drink except wine with dinner. I think I was just really tired.

And on Saturday night when I was at work, I had these 2 guys come in, and they looked like military guys who were on leave (we get quite a few of those in the store), and one of the guys sounded like he was straight off the West Virginia farm (he used the phrase "I reckon," genuinely), and asked me if we had any, and I'm quoting here, "titty-nipple movies." I told him that no, we didn't have any "titty-nipple" movies. We had movies with both "titties" and "nipples" in them, but nothing that would, in my opinion, qualify as a "titty-nipple" movie. He asked if there was anyplace nearby where he could find some, and I couldn't really think of anyplace, but I forgot there's a sex shop right down the street from the store. They probably weren't open though because it was after 10pm. Anyway, that was funny and it made for a funny story to tell The Jeanners when I got home.

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