Saturday, September 08, 2007

The Skinny

Here's what's been going on, in descending order of importance:

1. My ladyfriend, Jeannie, has been offered and accepted a new job with H. for Humanity. She's been wanting to change jobs for awhile and has done a lot of work looking and searching, and mulling over what the right job would be, and so I'm really happy and proud that she got it. What this means: it means that we'll probably be in Baltimore for another 2 years, that we might be able to save a little bit more money, and that we might be in a better position to move (and for Jeannie to go back to school) at the end of the 2 years. Right now 2 more years seems like a long time to stay at the B&N (probably because The Jeanners and I had been talking about moving a bit sooner than that) but I suppose if it gets too boring I shall have to just find another job.

2. The other day I yanked a long crinkly hair out of my beard that was a little too pube-like for my liking. It grossed me out, but I checked and the rest of my beard hairs are all nice and straight.

3. We have worked out some of the details of my parents' visit. It looks like they'll be coming out on the weekend of September 20-23 and we're going to head down to Chincoteague Island, VA for some beaching and exploring.

4. I've been enjoying Facebook a little too much. I just like the way their photo applications work. I like looking at everybody's pictures and tagging people and stuff. Anyway, I'm sure the novelty will wear off in a few days and then I will stop being such a dork.

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