Sunday, September 23, 2007

4 Days With Bill & Sue

Well, my parents have come and gone, and it was a good visit. Here's the quick breakdown:

Thursday: I spent the morning cleaning and then took a nap until my parents arrived. They were later than they thought they'd be because they got a bad flat tire on the way here (outside of Cumberland) and had to get their car towed to get 2 new tires. When they got into town, I went to pick them up at their hotel and then the four of us headed to Tamber's for dinner.

Friday: We headed down to Chincoteague Island, which is on the Atlantic Ocean about three and a half hours away. Cute little old seaside town. We drove around a little bit, checked into our hotel (which was beautiful) and then headed to the Assateague National Seashore to hang out on the beach. That night after dinner, the Jeanners and I hit the hot tub room in the hotel, which was pretty nice, and had a relaxing soak.

Saturday: Headed back to the beach, drove around a different part of the island, and then headed back for Baltimore. My parents went back to their hotel to relax a bit, and the Jeanners and I started watching the first episode of The Wire.

Sunday: This morning we took my parents to church and then walked around the farmers' market downtown for a bit. Then had breakfast at Burke's, and my parents headed towards home.

It was a good time. I'm sure not gonna want to go to work tomorrow. The Jeanners starts her new job tomorrow, which is pretty exciting. Anyway, I feel like I just wrote a lot of "we did this, then we did this" type bullshit, so now I want to write a little bit of description: right now Jeannie is putting away some of the stuff she had out to make her dinner--peppers, cilantro, lettuce. We've got a mix of Greg Brown stuff playing ("Who Woulda Thunk It?") and there's still a bit of sunshine coming in through the kitchen window. Our kitchen is starting to look a little bit lived in again after being very clean and bare for my parents visit. Jeannie's barefoot, wearing a denim skirt and a white tank top. She looks good. I've got on a white undershirt (surprise, surprise) and some khaki cargo shorts that I've been wearing for quite a few days. I just drank a big glass of orange juice to try and get rid of my cold, and I had two turkey sandwiches on toast for dinner. I've talked myself out of a milkshake because I'm getting too fat. I bought a new red and black lumberjack shirt today at our local secondhand shop. I have a hard time passing up lumberjack shirts. Jeannie and I are both pretty tired, and we'll probably watch another episode of The Wire tonight before we go to bed.

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