Saturday, August 25, 2007

It is, indeed, hard out here for a pimp.

Here's what's been going on the last few days:

1. Jeannie and I ate dinner at Chipotle last night. We saw a man walking down the street dressed exactly like a stereotypical "pimp" (complete with cane), and yet he did not seem to be going to a 'Pimp n' Ho' party. Nice to know that B-more's flesh peddlers still got the style.

2. I totally spent all day 'pimping' my MySpace site. Now the background is gray and the writing is black! Kickass!

3. The Jeanners has been working towards some major life decisions: she's got an interview for a new job (don't tell, it's a secret), and she's maybe signing up for a Physics (!) class tomorrow to begin the process of going back to school for some sort of future architecture degree. My guess is "Divorce." and "Have baby with anyone but Dan." are the next two items on her To-Do list and she just hasn't told me about them yet.

4. Going to a dinner tomorrow night. I think I'm gonna stock up on the booze just in case it's lame. But at least I'm off work, yo.

D-Bone out!

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