Thursday, August 09, 2007

Dog Days

Not much to write, really. Work is pretty pointless, and it's hot outside. That's about it. Been working on a song that shows some promise but still needs some tweaking, as well as several verses worth of lyrics. Oh, and a bridge. But the chorus is like a dolphin's ass: water tight.

Uninteresting side note: I am not a person that bruises easily, in fact I rarely bruise. But I have a bruise on my upper thigh that is downright mean looking. It looks like someone hit me in the leg with a hammer and then injected a syringe full of dookie under the skin just for good measure. And right now Jeannie has this burn on her hand from the toaster oven, so last night we had a little contest to see which wound looks worse. And mine looks so much worse it isn't even really a contest, but she insists that her's looks just as bad (it really doesn't look that bad, though.).

Speaking of dolphins' asses: Elizabeth, the dolphins down at Bethany Beach are, in fact, dolphins. Not porpoises. There's a big sign there that talks about the DOLPHINS. Anyway, I just remembered that I meant to tell you that several months ago.

Ok. Bedtime for D-Bone.

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