Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Many Lives, Many Masters

Last night the Jeanners and I for a long walk to the Giant G near the Rotunda Theatre, and had some good talks. She's been reading a book about reincarnation, so she was asking my thoughts about the subject. I don't feel much connection to reincarnation, but I suppose it's a possibility. The Jeanners likes the idea. She likes the idea of having a second chance to get things right. Fair enough.

It's been busy at work, getting ready for this month's changeover and training a dude from another store. But it's been ok.

I am a bit bummed that I haven't had a chance to see either of the CSC summer shows yet--I've been working every Friday and Saturday night since we got back from the Lou--but this Saturday night I'm off so we should get a chance to see whatever show is playing. Thursday is my other day off this week, and I'd love to hit the beach but I think I shall have some chores around the house to take care of.

Just dropped $300 on new tires for my car. Sucky! This last month has turned out to be expensive...

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