Friday, May 25, 2007

Date Night.

It's been another busy week. Work, and then working on the set on the days off. It has given me quite the sunburn on the back of my neck. But it's just really red, it doesn't hurt.

Tonight me and the Jeanners got ourselves a little date planned. Actually, we just have a plan to go to finner, and we don't know where yet. But considering how our schedules have been lately, I'll take it. She should be getting home from yoga soon.

Looking forward to our impending trip to the Lou. We'll be staying a few nights with my parents, which is a new thing for us (not new for me, I did it for 18 years) but I think it'll be a good thing.

Hmmm. I've been wanting to work on music lately -- tweaking some of Sean's songs, working on some new stuff -- but have had neither the time nor the inspiration. Why do I feel so much busier than I used to be? I don't really think I am, but it sure feels that way...

Some highlights from work from this week include the joy of getting to throughout another mostly-naked homeless man from the bathroom (this guy was much nicer than the first mostly-naked homeless man I encountered, and I told him so) and getting to meet the sister of T. Griffin, a customer who has a slight mental disability who lavishes more praise on me than anyone I have ever met. He also will go from talking to you to talking to himself in the same sentence, with no pauses or changes of inflection, so it can be kind of confusing. An example sentence: "Dan, you're so nice maybe you're his favorite customer, Tom."

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