Sunday, May 20, 2007


Today the Jeanners and I were part of CSC's 'company build day,' where we try to get a bunch of people to come out and work on the set for the summer shows. And it actually went pretty well. We had a good turnout, got started at around 10am and worked until about 7:30. And got a lot done. So I'll probably build some more on my day off on Thursday, but then hopefully won't have to do much more after that.

I kind of got in trouble yesterday at work because of some negative feedback that was given about the way I trained somebody from a different store. I'm not too concerned, but perhaps I shall not slack as much as I like to. I shall now use a carefully dropped f-bomb to say "fuck it."

It felt good to work outside today. I felt very out of practice as far as all the carpentry/building stuff goes, but the weather was nice and the people that were there were all fairly handy so it made for an enjoyable day.

The season finale of LOST is on this Wednesday, and I have to miss it in order to train somebody at work. The VCR will be rollin'.

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