Sunday, April 22, 2007

Beautiful Sunday

After doing some mixing this morning, the Jeanners and I took advantage of the fact that we both had the day off, and used a gorgeous afternoon to go for a walk in Robert E. Lee park, which is a large wooded area with lots of paths and whatnot. It gave me the chance to see the 'fort' that she and Katie had found in the park a few months ago, which is pretty cool. It's basically a huge teepee that someone has built out of a lot of driftwood and fallen trees. Seeing it made me want to go live in the woods.

Tonight we plan on eating Chipotle and watching ROME. ROME, by the way, is a really good show, one that both the J-Dog and myself enjoy. It's good!

I'm also gonna sew a button on my shorts and sew my sandals back together. Cause they're falling apart.

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