Monday, February 05, 2007

Drunk on Dick? Drunk on Dip.

I have taken a few vacation days in order to work on the set and so I'll be available for each night of rehearsal this week. It's pretty sweet. I had a lot of vacation that I needed to use up by the end of February, anyway.

Yesterday we had rehearsal and then went to Aimee's kick-ass Superbowl party. Everybody got drunk on dip. And it was a very gay day.

So last week BJ and I got headshots taken by photographer extraordinaire Teresa C. Apparently, CSC decided that folks needed new headshots so we don't all look like A-holes in the program. So they sprung for a photographer to come in and take headshots of people. Here's one that I'm considering using:

I'll post more over the next few days and then we can have an online voting session and the winning picture will be featured on the cover of my fanclub magazine!


Anonymous said...

I like this one. It makes you look like a grown up. Which is a patent falsehood, but there you are. js

Anonymous said...

sexy sexy man dome