Friday, January 26, 2007

Half-naked homeless insulter

For the past few days I've been closing at work, which I haven't done very much for awhile. Closing is easy as hell. I've been getting a lot of work done and there have been very few customers (which in the grand scheme is a bad thing but it's allowed me to get a lot of work done). Last night part of my job was to babysit a half-naked homeless man in the restroom for 20 minutes to make sure he didn't mess with any customers. The reason that I had to babysit him was because we were kicking him out because he was completely naked in the bathroom, giving himself a bath. Which is fine and all, but you can't be completely naked. And if you are gonna be completely naked, you can't verbally abuse the people that come in to tell you that you can't be completely naked. So while I stood and babysat him, he spewed forth many insults, including "You are an asshole, pal." and "You are a disgrace to the white race." (Strangely, the homeless man was white and he kept telling me I was a racist and a disgrace to the white race. I think that he was proposing that I was prejudiced against the white race.) He also told me that he would punch me in the face if he didn't think he would go to jail for it. He was fun.

So work has been a little more annoying and a little more mind-numbing than usual, and I've also been a little stressed about it, which sucks.

But rehearsals have been fine, and I've been thoroughly enjoying watching BJ at rehearsals. I haven't seen him in a non-Shakespeare show since college, and it's a lot of fun to watch him in something relatively contemporary. I think he's got the right amount of "BJ" in this character, and the lines are well-written, so it's a good combination.

I haven't gotten to spend as much time with the Jeanners as I usually do. I miss my baby.

Sean is talking about coming for a visit in April to hang out and work on recording some of his songs. I think this sounds like a super super good idea. I have been missing the Seanyboy and I'm looking forward to working on some of his tunes. Bring it on, Seanyboy!

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