Friday, December 01, 2006

Prairie Home Companion

Tonight Jeannie and I almost went X-mas shopping but we ran out of time because we both went to our respective gyms (which I want to try to do regularly throughout December because it keeps me feeling better and it also keeps me from getting fat little man-titties.), so we ended up watching Prairie Home Companion instead, during which I realized that Garrison Keillor reminds me of the picture I have in my head of the character James O. Incandenza (from Infinite Jest). Which reminds me, Patrick from work recently showed me an artice in Newsweek (Time?) about the 10th anniversary of Infinite Jest, and there was a picture of David Foster Wallace, and in the picture he looked like the spitting image of John C. Reilly, except with longer hair. And John C. Reilly was in Prairie Home Companion. Which brings us full-circle.

I give the movie a nice solid B.

We are not getting any of the snow that is schlumping across the Midwest, and dammit, I'm ready for some snow. It's hard to listen to Christmas music all day when it's 65 degrees outside.

It is almost time for G&T/Letterman and then time to make the sleepie.

to Drew: You should've seen me play Feste. I was freakin' hi-larious!

Not really.

also to Drew: just when I thought I would never see anything gayer than this... go and post the picture of your new boots.

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