Thursday, December 07, 2006

Baby Bosco

Well, the day has finally arrived when my good ol' buddy C. Bosco told me that he and his ladyfriend Susan is gonna have them a baby. How 'bout that? We had a nice chat this evening, although I was saddened to hear that they won't be coming in to the 'Lou for X-mas.

One of the things we talked about was the strange phenomenon that I've noticed for awhile (maybe since starting blogging in earnest) where I don't want to answer anyone's e-mails or phone calls anymore. Why is that? Is it somehow because of the blog, or is it just a natural side effect of aging?

Speaking of aging, I have been accused by some of my younger supervisees at work of being an age-ist. Which is probably at least partially true. I've been feeling old lately, and I'm probably taking it out a little bit on those bastards who are still in their prime.

Tonight Jeannie and I are straightening up our apartment because we have people coming over for dinner on Saturday.

Also, tonight the new Chipotle down the street (opening on Saturday) was offering some sort of sneak-preview free burritos. The line was out the door and down the street. So I did not go.

Also, tonight Jeannie and I received our Christmas present to ourself, a new big ol' harddrive for our computer. So I'm backing up a bunch of her files and then we're gonna wipe her computer clean cause it's got too much crap on it. Then we're going to make it her lean, mean, AutoCAD-ing machine.

I'm off tomorrow! To the gym with me!

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