Saturday, October 28, 2006

Taking a Leak

Last night, due to the heavy rains, the ceiling in our bedroom started leaking. And it actually started leaking right over our bed. And, actually, it started leaking right over the part of the bed where my crotch likes to sleep. So I woke up very early, thinking that I had wet myself with cold, cold urine. But actually it was just rainwater leaking down onto my crotch. So that was cool.

Then, when I got to work this morning, the manager was panicky because the 2 people who were supposed to show up to open in the cafe did not show up, so she and I and another person scrambled around and tried to figure out what needs to happen in order to open the cafe. One of my jobs was to make the mocha, and I'm thinking it probably tasted like shit because it was all lumpy. I was later told that I probably hadn't whisked it enough, but jeez, I whisked it a lot. So I got a lesson in cafe this morning. It was enough of a lesson to learn that I want to stay in music.

Hmmm. What else happened today? Not too much. I was by myself in the department for most of the day so I stayed pretty busy and the day went by fast.

Tonight I'm planning/hoping for a quiet night because I have a long day tomorrow of set stuff and then work.

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