Sunday, October 15, 2006

Sunday Night

I don't want to go back to work on Wednesday in a way that is different than the other times that I haven't wanted to go back to work. I feel almost scared to go back to work, like I'm going to get yelled at when I go back or something. Which I guess is a possibility, but not likely. But I feel scared.

Today was a good day, one that Jeannie and I spent with my family, and it was relatively painless. It was really good to see everyone, and it's nice when people take off work and skip other engagements to come see you when you're in town. And Jeannie likes my family because everybody generally gets along, which is sometimes different than her family. Anyway, it was good to see everyone and I enjoyed it and I got to drink some red wine to boot.

I think, for me, the highlight of this trip has been getting to spend time with Jeannie's maternal grandmother, who lives in St. James, MO (just outside Rolla), and who, up to this point, I have met only one other time, very briefly, and not in the best circumstances. We've gotten to spend some good time with her this weekend, and she is a very nice, quiet, warm, funny woman. And tiny and cute. So that has truly been a pleasure and I'm so glad that it has happened.

I have, for the last several minutes, been cutting farts that smell more like poop than farts. You know the kind.

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