Sunday, September 17, 2006

High Zero

Gena is in town.

Tonight she and Jeannie and I went to Baltimore's High Zero festival, which is a showcase of experimental improvisational music. I did not specifically enjoy it, but it was not specifically bad. We had a good time, either way.

It did bring back a vivid memory of Eric, Drew, California Mike, Blind Ryan, and Myself setting up recording equipment and various and sundry instruments on the stage at SLUH and recording some improvisational jams, perhaps the most well-known of which is 'Door is Ajar.' If you haven't heard it, ask me to play it for you sometime. This particular recording session took place just a few days before I left St. Louis for Baltimore, and it featured Drew on cello, Blind Ryan on my Korg synthesizer, California Mike on a tiny Casio keyboard, Eric on microcassette recorder and also recording engineer, and me playing on stuff when other people weren't. Also vocals by Ryan, Mike, and Drew. Ah, good times.

The other night, Patrick From Work, Elizabeth, FCW and Sarah came over and we drank a bunch of Guinness.

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