Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Busy at Work.

I had another whack dream last night, but I don't remember any of it, other than that it involved the Schlueterileymetz'. I've been trying to conjure a memory of what it might have been about, but I've had all day to forget about it.

I'm going to try and stop writing 'been busy at work.' Although it is true, I'm tired of writing it. Perhaps I shall invent a web-abbreviation for it, such as BBW? Also, since we bought a new camera a few months ago for our California trip, I have had to fight the urge to post pictures of our most banal daily activities. I am trying to put together a Flickr page with pictures from the California trip and the new apartment and some of our weekend trips, so I can send the link to my family and they can see what's been going on in our lives. Cause they don't get to read this here blog (and hopefuly they never will -- so everybody keep mum if you're ever talking to the more tech-savvy members of my family [i.e. anyone under the age of 45]}...

I like sentences that use multiple forms of punctuation all in a row, so that the sentence ends up looking more like a math equation than a sentence. Probably picked up from DFW.

Which, by the way, I am ever so pleased to announce that Pat Kilpatrick has started reading 'Infinite Jest.' He called the other day with some questions. Sounded like he was about 50 pages in. The next 100 pages or so will probably determine whether he sticks with it. Hang in there, Pat!

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