Friday, August 18, 2006

Alert the Media

Eric has updated his blog. He's not dead. Praise the baby Jesus.

We've been catching some mice in our apartment. Unfortunately, they seem to avoid the happy, mouse-friendly trap that we have set out and go right for the quick, violent, deadly one. Well, it's entirely up to them...but still, we're sorry Mr. and Mrs. Mouse.

I've been thinking lately, and reading a lot, and it seems that I'm in a point in my life when I really don't give much of a damn about the world around me, or politics, or art, or ideas, or anything at all except being with the Jeanners and taking each day as it comes. And, since the Jeanners and I are technically one flesh (wink, wink) and therefore the same person, this means that I care only about myself. Which is not entirely true because I care about my family and friends, but still, the point is that I think my life has an extremely narrow focus at the moment. Should I be apologetic about this? Is this something I should try and change? Is this a viewpoint that I will eventually come to regret? I don't know. I tend to think that it's ok, that viewpoints and outlooks come and go and shift and change all on their own, they don't obey the brain or the heart. And it sounds corny and trite, but I really don't see how there can be anything wrong with focusing on loving one person as deeply and fully as you can. But still, I feel like I'm becoming narrower and narrower and I don't know what to think about that.

Rich wrote and said he got bored with blogging. Lately, I understand what he's saying. Still, I think it will be fun to look back at this in 30 years and have a laugh. Plus, my grandkids can know what my poop was like...and lately my poop has been frustrating. I won't elaborate, and you can thank me for that later.

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