Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Out and About

We're back from California, the land of zero humidity.

What a wonderful trip it was. We got to meet some really cool new people, and reconnect with friends we haven't seen in awhile. It was especially good to see Dr. Witz, who has been reprimanded for not updating his blog.

Since it's been pretty much universally agreed that pictures can be sold for nearly 1000 times the value of words, here is a painfully brief recap of what happened on the trip:

The Jeanners and I arrive in California. We drive north from San Jose and set out on Highway 1, which is painfully too curvy. We abandon Highway 1 for the more boring but less motion-sickness-causing highway 101.

These are pictures of where we stayed. It's a 5 bedroom house named Crane Dance located right on the beach just north of Mendecino, CA. Lots of people stayed there, which brought it down to an affordable price range. The top picture is of one of the doors (there seemed to be lots of doors), and the bottom picture is Dr. Witz (left) and Kevin Lowry watching the sun set from inside the living room.

This is the happy couple, John (K-Torr) and Christmas. The wedding was very beautiful. Perhaps some of the hippies I met this trip will have rubbed off on me and I will be filled with more peace and love. I am actually not joking about this. Not entirely, anyway.

The whole gang, on the beach. The beach was interesting. We walked from the zen house where John and Christmas were staying, through a section of desert-like sand dunes, then down onto the beach. The water was paralyzingly cold. Seriously. I honestly and no joke thought that my brain was frozen when I got out of the water. It was fun, though. The Pacific is very different than the Atlantic.

Jeannie and I in wine country. After a lot of folks left, Jeannie and I went wine-tasting with Jeff, Casey, Jessie, and Rema. I forgot to set the timer on my camera, otherwise the rest of them would be in this photo, too. I was probably trashed.

Well, that's all for now. Eventually, once we get all the pictures uploaded I'll post a link in case anyone who was on the trip wants to download or print any.

It was really an amazing thing to get to hang out with such fun and interesting people. Sunday-night club, I hope you all made it to your flight safely.

DO NOT want to got to work tomorrow. Ugh.

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