Thursday, July 20, 2006


The music department passed the big ISO certification yesterday, which means I can stop stressing out over all the bullshit now. Woo-Hoo!

Not too much else has been going on, except for me stressing out. The apartment is starting to come together, the books are up on the bookshelves, and now we just need to figure out how to work Jeannie's painting area, and how much of my recording junk we want to set up. I'm kind of leaning towards just setting up the recording stuff for the couple-day periods that I seem to record in and then taking it all down and storing it when I'm not using it. We'll see. That might be a big pain in the johnson.

I was very happy to hear that Henry's surgery went well, and also glad to hear that Jen Schlueter's play went very well and that she got some offers to stage it from a few different theatre festivals. Nice work, Schluets!

We finally have the stereo set up in our living room and it sounds really good. I'm glad there's no one living below us because now I can listen to music guilt-free. Also, we get PBS in our new place! Now I can watch all the British mystery shows that the centenarians who come into the B&N are always looking for. By the way, Jen Schlueter, centenarian means someone who is 100 years old. And I'm glad I looked it up in the dictionary because it turns out that I was originally spelling it way wrong and you would have publicly shamed me for it, I'm sure.

Can anyone out there tell me how to get Jeannie to stop hitting me?

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Pat said...

Every time she hits you, you should kiss her. Then she'll feel bad. Either that, or she'll hit you more often so she can get more kisses.