Friday, June 23, 2006

Tired Mired.

Hmmm. Just got home from work a little while ago. Jeannie's asleep, and I'm here again on the new futon. A little sweaty in here cause ain't got no air on. If this seems like a repeat of last night's post, it's becuase the past few days have all been very similar, and they go something like this: wake up, work on some music for Schlueter, get everything uploaded to the internet, take a shower, eat some hotdogs, and go to work. I'm guessing tomorrow will be about the same. Saturday should be different, though, because instead of working on music I'll get to hang with the Jeanners.

Got a lot of important stuff done at work, then read some e-mails that told me that there's going to be lots of other important stuff happening over the next few weeks. Oh goody.

It's been trying to storm outside for the last hour or so, lightning flashing every couple of seconds, and the rain has just started to fall.

My current hope is this: that by August I'll be thoroughly settled into the new job, pleasantly settled into the new apartment, and that life will be smooth sailing and lots of sitting on the roof with Jeannie, reading ROLLING STONE and sipping lemonade.

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