Monday, June 19, 2006


Will work keep me this stressed from here on out? I hope not. It's made my stomach feel a little twisted and my poop funny ever since I started the new job. Hopefully thst will go away as things get caught up and I understand how some of this shit is supposed to work....nevertheless, I have a day off tomorrow which I will spend eating hamburgers, drinking gin and tonics, and playing spades with one BJ Gailey, and then for the majority of the afternoon I will have my nose to the grindstone for Jen Schlueter, working some more on improving the french song and then maybe working on some more instrumental pieces.

The big news of the last few days is that Jeannie and I started packing up our shit for the move, including getting rid of some stuff, which is always nice, and buying a used futon. Futon is a word that has always conjured up somewhat unpleasant images for me, as I usually picture the beat-up, broken piece of crap that was in Big Daddy's apartment above Sparks Cleaners. But this futon meets all of my awesome-couch criteria:

1. It looks nice, and is well made and sturdy.
2. It's comfortable to sit on.
3. It's long enough for me to lay on.
4. It turns into a bed. Magically.
5. It was cheap.
6. We can launder the cover when I drunkenly urinate all over it.

All-in-all, I'm very excited and pleased with this purchase. I hope that everyone can come visit and sleep on the futon.

Tonight I got to go hang out with Pat and BJ for the first time since BJ has been in town. We got to play our geek game, and meet our monthly quota of trash talk and farting.

Is anyone else amazed at how much Flippy has imprinted himself on the psyche of America's celebrities? I smell a "Flippy the Magnificent Show" in the works...

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