Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Yesterday was a bad day. It was Wasnock's fucking last day at work, which bummed me out, and my computer wasn't working right so I couldn't get on the internet, and I had to choose between getting the hell out of town (which I really want to do) and going to a get together to watch the season finale of LOST next Wednesday (which I really want to do). I have chosen the leaving town early, and thus will not get to go to the LOST party. I did manage to sit around most of the night after I got home from work and watch the season finale of Grey's Anatomy, which has annoyed me when I've seen it and it did not fail to annoy me last night. I was powerless, however, to change the channel.

I read Schlueter's play the other night, which I liked very much. It is smart, sensitive, clear, funny, and interesting. And sad. I was crying a little bit when I read then end of it. Also, I'm not just saying that because she's my friend and I'm writing about her in semi-public. If it was crap, I wouldn't be writing about it. I'm looking forward to working on the music, as I think that I might get to play around with sparse solo piano stuff, which seemed to come very easily and be very satisfying to work on for GHOSTS OF HAMILTON STREET. Also, I'll get to play around with the accordion sound on my keyboard, which I've always been impressed with because it sounds like a real accordion. We'll see what happens. For the moment, I'm rummaging through old material to send off to Schlueter to see if she likes it, and her response will help me figure out what direction to go in as I record new stuff.

Today has been a better day than yesterday. I got to hang out most of the day with Elizabeth at work, and we stood around doing not much of anything but shooting the shit. My boss, who's been driving me crazy lately just by being himself and who I wasn't looking forward to working with today, had to leave work early so I spent the rest of the afternoon by myself doing not much of anything, then shot the shit a little bit with Patrick C. when he got there at 3. Then I got to go to the gym for the first time in a long time. Then got home and took a bath while reading the latest, "1000th issue" issue of Rolling Stone, which is a very good read. Lots of little blurbs about many covers over the last 40 years, a nice little dimestore tour of Rock N' Roll.

Now the Jeanners is home, we just finished a nice little funtional dinner of impromptu spaghetti, and we're gonna run some errands and take a walk if it don't rain.

1 more day of work and then a busy day off with plans of laundry, lunch with BJ if he's free, dishes, recording, and a trip to the dump. Also maybe a trip to Soundgarden to check out the new Twilight Singers cd.


Tonight as Jeannie and I drove to WalMart so I could look at some new shoes, I realized that I pretty much have absolutely the best life ever and I've been given way more happiness than anybody on the planet should be allowed to have.

Also, I got some kick-ass new shoes tonight. They remind me of these shoes I saw when I was a little kid, in a Norman Rockwell painting of a hobo-type guy playing a ukelele. Ever since I saw that painting (it's in a book of N.R. prints that my parents have) I've been searching for shoes like them. The ones I got tonight aren't exactly right but they have the same vibe.

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