Saturday, May 27, 2006

Doin' it in the Lou

Well, we're here in St. Louis, Jeannie is off getting her hair cut. Maybe getting it cut REAL short, we'll see. I'm at her parents' house, rockin' the dial-up connection.
We've had a good trip so far. Got to stop in Ohio for a brief visit Wednesday night/Thursday morning, had a few hours to talk with Rich, Jen, and Henry. Unfortunately, Brad had to leave for work before we woke up. Everyone seems to be happy and doing well.
Thursday we finished the drive to St. Louis, and went to meet our new neice, Layla Grace Anderson. Jeannie's brother's wife had a baby girl on Wednesday morning, so when we got in on Thursday evening we went to the hospital to meet the baby and see how everyone is doing. Everyone is doing well, very excited and happy. Then Jeannie and her Mom and I went to Olympia for a delicious late dinner of gyros and Fat Tires.
Ran a bunch of errands yesterday, then went to my folks' place for dinner with the whole damned family. It was a good time, although we're getting to be such a big group (17 people at the dinner table), that it's almost getting to be a little TOO big. Maybe it's a good thing that Jeannie and I are out of town, just to keep the numbers down at family gatherings.

I guess the big news is that my boss will be leaving the B&N in about a week or so. So I'll probably be moving up to music manager soon, which I am happy about, but sorry that he had to leave for it to happen. He's a nice guy with a wife and kids and I hope that he finds something a lot better. Anyway, we'll see what happens.

Still haven't watched the LOST finale, but my friends in Ohio were nice enough to tape it for me so hopefully I'll get to watch it in a day or two.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Danny Boy.

If you're in the mood to hang out stl style. give me a call. I'm pretty wide open the next few days. I think you know what I mean by wide open. wink. wink. 314-258-0615.