Tuesday, April 18, 2006

"I'm a walker"

Well, it turns out that a nice long walk was exactly the perfect way to spend the day. It's absolutely gorgeous here today, not a cloud in the sky, and all the flowers and trees are blooming. I had thought about taking my camera with me on my walk, and I wish I had because I saw a few things that I would've liked to have taken pictures of, mostly just interesting visuals, little bursts of colors that popped up here and there. Like an orange peel that was laying on the sidewalk, or the orange striped caution signs alongside the road that were against a lush green hill background. There was also a big, rolling field that was part of the grounds of some private place called St. Joseph's Manor, and it had lots of clusters of little wildflowers in it and looked like the perfect place to take a nap on a sunny afternoon.

Took my tunes with me, and I have discovered that my MP3 player's random function tends to favor some artists a little bit more than a healthy random function should. Namely, Stevie Wonder and Fiona Apple (whose new album I enjoy--it's kind of eerie in the same way that Willy Wonka is eerie. Very polished appearance with menacing undertones). It seems to play a lot of Beatles, too, but then again I have a ton of Beatles songs on the player so that makes sense.

As I walked I thought some more about long walks. Like the day I walked to what I thought was the Sears Tower from Rich's place in Chicago. It turns out that it was just the Hancock Building, but when I told Rich that I walked to the Sears Tower he seemed very impressed and a little incredulous. With good reason, it turns out. Also thought about the day I walked from Camden Yards to our old house in Hampden. With a full suitcase. Now that was a long walk. Through some interesting ghetto-ish areas, I might add.

I have decided to not write about LOST anymore because it makes me feel like a loser. I guess it's just safe to assume from now on that I'm watching about an episode a day, legally or illegally, and that I am a raving lunatic about the whole thing. I hope that Jeannie will oneday forgive my destruction of our marriage.

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