Monday, March 13, 2006

Sumo-time and the livin' is EZ

What a gorgeous day it is/was today. I spent today (a day off) at CSC organizing stuff that was all disorganized from Invalid. So now the space is all ready for us to start working on the summer shows.

After leaving CSC, I went to the bakery (24 hamburger buns [with sesame seeds] for $1.00), and then to Soundgarden, which is my favorite CD store in all the world, and it just happens to be in the city where I live. It's somewhat similar to vintage vinyl but with better prices. I picked up the cd Details, by Frou Frou. It's a bit like a cross between Bjork and Madonna. Guilty lush pop music that would be nice on a sunny cross country drive.

The warm weather makes me think of summers of the past, when Jeannie and I would walk to The Bench (a bench near my grade school) and sit and make out and smoke Camel wides and talk on summer nights, when the weather was perfect and there wasn't anybody else around because it was late. I think life was pretty damned good then, although I'm sure that I was packed with so much insecurity and loneliness that life is almost definitely much better now. Still, when I think of summer and perfect weather, I will think of The Bench.

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