Friday, March 31, 2006

Casa Mia

A little while ago, Jeannie and I returned from a nice little mini-date; we walked up to Casa Mia, a strange little restaurant near the Towson campus, and had some drinks and cheesecake. Casa Mia is kind of like going to a restaurant in somebody's basement, very Kirksvillian, and there were two middle-aged guys playing some music, one on keyboard and one on electric guitar. The keyboard guy had three huge, expensive keyboards set up (picture a Paul Schaffer type setup) and yet still managed to sound like a Casio keyboard on 'demo' setting. The last song of their set was 'Freebird.' It was that kind of thing. And yet they seemed to fit in well at the place, because the place is strange. Anyway, it was a nice long walk, the cheesecake was good, the drinks healed Jeannie's tense stomach, and it was a fun little date.

On the way back, Jeannie and I decided on names for ourselves if we ever run away and join a hippie commune. She's Sunlight and I'm Wave.

Also, today I cut my fingernails with a scissors for the first time in my life. They were driving me kind of nuts.

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Becky Becker said...

Have you ever cut your finger nails with a knife? Not pretty. How are you?