Sunday, February 05, 2006

Long Relaxing Sigh

I'm back, and perhaps even better than ever. The show has opened, so I'm theoretically done working on the lights and set. The lights still look pretty bad, but I've done everything I can, I'm using all the dimmers and if I fix some of the problems, I'll just be creating new ones elsewhere.

Haven't had a chance to see the show yet, other than in rehearsals, I think we're going on Friday night.

My stomach is unhappy this evening.

I'm looking forward to having things to write about this week. Jeannie and I might go see the first movie we've seen in a long time--unfortunately, it's the new Harrison Ford movie that looks/sounds very bad. We have free passes. Maybe we'll make out during the film if it's bad.

I'm considering what life would be like if I stopped doing CSC stuff and if I quit working on music. I don't know if things would be more fun or less fun. I've been very happy at the B&N lately, and maybe life would be simpler if I just focus on work and home and wasting any free time I might have. Who knows. I probably wouldn't be able to quit the music entirely, but I'm definitely thinking of quitting CSC. I feel like they've outgrown the need for my services, that they're ready to get someone who actually knows what they're doing for lights and set things.

Tonight one of my least favorite customers came in the store. "Beatles Guy." I have, in the past, told him that I don't enjoy any types of music in order to avoid having a conversation with him. Anyway, tonight I thoroughly enjoyed ignoring him, and then when that didn't work, I started playing cat's cradle with rubber bands while he tried to engage me in a conversation. Nobody likes Beatles Guy. I've had conversations with people from other stores who complain about Beatles Guy. And they call him Beatles Guy, too. It's strange. I wonder what his real name is, and I wonder what his home life is like. I wonder about the home life of a lot of our B&N crazies.

Tonight I have the zactlies.

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