Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Many boxes of receiving!

If you worked in the music dept. at B&N, you would understand what I meant when I told you that it was a changeover day and we recieved almost 20 boxes of merchandise. Since you don't work at B&N, I will translate for you: today wasn't fun.

I just finished 7 days of work in a row, and I've got the next 2 days off, which I'm looking forward to. My boss won't be coming to work for the next few days because his kid has....scarlet fever. Which is either very terrible or the worst excuse to take several days off work that I've ever heard.

Today a woman came in with her boyfriend/husband and her infant daughter. I thought she was annoying because she kept asking a lot of questions about where different cd's were when most of them were right in front of her. Then, as she was paying, I gave her 63 cents in change and she said she was going to put it in her daughter's college fund. It sent shivers down my spine and made me feel like crying because it was so sweet.

I'm hungry and my Ipod isn't working again.

I'm reading the latest David Foster Wallace book of essays, "Consider the Lobster." I usually am not a huge fan of his essays because they're way too brainy for me and not always on subjects that I'm interested in. This book has been pretty good, though, because the overly brainy ones have been very short.

I love my girlfriend!

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