Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Good News

I'll start with the good news: Jeannie's throat is A-OK. She had her doctor's appointment and they stuck the ol' camera down there (her throat) and said it all looks normal. Her voice might have been feeling funny because the cadaver-skin injections that she got a few months ago might be wearing off....and yes, I included this sentence just to show off the fact that my wife has had cadaver skin injected into her throat.

Now on to the b-crap....

Aimee and MAW came over for dinner last night, Jeannie cooked up a delicious potato soup from scratch, along with some homemade bread...damn, 'twas good. Made my pee pee smell like onions. We sat at our table like a family and it was fun. Then Mary Ann and I went to B&N for some late-night employee discount usage. Came home and Aimee had fallen asleep on the couch. Hopefully she made it home alive.

Work has been fine, busy, annoying, but the mantra has helped. I want to kill my boss because I have been busting my ass and working overtime and he doesn't seem to be putting in any extra effort for the holidays.

I enjoyed reading my friends' blogs tonight. Nice to hear that Ricky Elz is still alive (think of me when you watch Zisou) and that Richie Rich listens to country music while driving on Midwestern highways. Learn something new every day.

Today I got in an argument with an old woman who was upset that our signs say "Holiday Music" instead of "Christmas Music." I ended up telling her I was Muslim and that I refused to have this conversation with her. It's all so very, very stupid.

Tomorrow night: going to see the Metal Hearts at the Ottobar with people from work. A couple of firsts: the first time I'm going to hang out outside of work with people from work, and the first live music I'm going to see since I've been in Baltimore. Wait, I take that back. Jeannie and I went to see the Twilight Singers at Fletcher's. My ears rang for about a week and a half after that show and I was very worried that I had some permanent nerve damage.

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