Monday, December 19, 2005

Dec. 19th and counting...

Right now I am unfortunately listening to David Bowie and Mick Jagger singing "Dancing in the Streets." Listening to it makes me picture a mid-80's Bowie and Jagger jumping around in tight pants, while African-American women sing back-up wearing colorful blazers with large shoulder pads.

There's so much to write about, where to begin?

I will begin with a couple of shout-outs. First a shout-out to Seanyboy in Alaska, who wrote to tell me that he, too, has pee'd where it's not cool to pee. On at least one occasion, though, he was awake, so his is far worse than mine.

Second, a big Cross Keys Cougars shout-out to my old friend Colleen, who wrote to tell me that she occasionally reads the blog and likes Eddie Murphy's "Party All the Time." Colleen has been a friend since the 7th grade, when I looked like this:

So she gets sent mad props for befriending me when I wasn't the cool guy who sits before you now.

The song has now switched to Tom Waits', "What's he building?" If I could have the career of anyone on earth, it would be Tom Waits. He can do whatever he wants.

Work has been maddening in a big way. I'm just tired of looking at and listening to people. 3 more days until I'm off and then I'm off for Christmas and Jeannie and I head home for a few days and I absolutely can't wait.

Jeannie is at painting class, she's been working on a series of nighttime cityscapes that I've really been enjoying. They're dark with little drips of light showing through every now and again. Good stuff. She's been cooking a lot lately, we've busted out the ol' crock pot and made a roast a few nights ago, and she's making another batch of potato soup tonight and we made a couple batches of chocolate chip cookies on Sunday.

I screwed up my back working on the set on Friday, and the pain has lessened in my back but spread to my ass and leg. It makes work extra-not fun. But I have learned the joys of a piping hot heating pad.

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Anonymous said...

That picture of you in seventh grade is really sweet. Did you wear your special giant glasses on picture day? Because I don't remember them being quite that big.