Sunday, December 11, 2005


Well, I'm thinking not much interesting will happen for the next couple of days because I'm just going to be working a lot. And work's been busy but un-interesting, which is good at this time of year, no horror stories yet of terrible, christmas-ruining customers. My co-worker Brian always points out a customer when she comes into the store, "There's the lady that ruined my Christmas 2 years ago." None of those yet. My mantra has been helping.

Had a good time last night dining out with Jeannie and Aimee, celebrating Aimee's birfday and then hanging out shooting the shit at home.

Today was a long day, but it's good to be home with Jeannie and stinky gas and a delicious, relatively strong G&T. Stronger than I thought it would be.

"We say, when a horse is on the grass, it is like when a man is on the grass."

Does anyone get that reference?


Anonymous said...


I get that reference, and it made me laugh to read it. In my house, we often say, "There is a chair, and it is walking..." So great!

-Natalie (DeLuca, from way back when)

DOB said...

Holy Jeez, Natalie DeLuca just left a comment on my blog.