Wednesday, November 09, 2005


I just read a big, long, roaring e-mail from my good buddy Seanyboy up in AK. He and his ladyfriend just got back from tromping around on the west coast, where they had numerous adventures and have lived to tell the tale.

I have also just finished a 9 day work stretch and am staring down the barrel of 2 full days off. I plan on having some adventures with my ladyfriend, probably less exciting than Seanyboy's but nonetheless they will be adventurous.

By the way, last night I ended up wasting, but at least I didn't watch TV all night. I listened to music and made a CD of my stuff to give to Flora at work. Which reminds me, everybody who's in Chicago, Flora's band THE METAL HEARTS will be playing in Chicago on Monday, November the 14th. I can't vouch for how good the show will be, but if you've got the night open and are looking for something different to do, it's free. It's at a place called the EMPTY BOTTLE. Here's an ad for the show:

I just bought an 8 pack of Guinness! Woo-Hoo! Here's to Seanyboy!

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