Saturday, November 19, 2005


Went in to CSC this morning to work on cleaning the storage areas. About halfway there I realized that when I lost my keys earlier this week, I lost my key to get into the offices. Didn't feel like going home so I decided to just figure out a way to break in when I got there.

Well, when i got there, I tried my usual break-in techniques, but they didn't really work. Then I noticed an exhaust fan above the set of double-doors, and I climbed up on a trash can and gave the fan a good yank and it came right out of the wall, leaving a nice 2' by 2' hole for me to lean through and undo the lock. Then I put the fan back in the wall (it wasn't hooked up to anything. Most things in the building aren't).

Then I started cleaning and tidying, which was fun because I brought along my copy of the new Wilco live double CD (burned for me by Patrick at work), and cranked it up while I was working. All-in-all it's a good album, with high points and low points. But Gawd, if there was one person whose voice I could have it would be Jeff Tweedy. His voice is able to sound strong and ragged at the same time. It's also right in between a speaking voice and a singing voice. So he's able to get away with very conversational lyrics and have them turn out to be poetry. He's got the skillz to pay them bills.

Babysitting tonight, then strike, then work early tomorrow. The Jeanners has been driving down to Annapolis the last few days to help MAW's parents paint the inside of their house. Aimee over last night for low-key evening of chatting, popcorn eating, and a Guinness for me. Wore my PJ pants and didn't feel embarassed.


Can the boy tell time? said...

Dan, breaking and entering is a fine fine skill, especially in the grand old city of Baltimore. Although, I do hope your keys turn up as there are only so many times you can break into places without getting caught by the man. I doubt that hot dogs are a frequent meal in jail.

DOB said...

Quite the contrary, I think hot dogs are the most frequent meal in jail, if you know what I mean, wink wink, nudge nudge...