Friday, November 11, 2005


Regarding the e-mail that I got from Sean: I am passing along a picture of Seanyboy, in a bar somewhere in San Francisco, I believe. He is wearing what is perhaps the ugliest hat in existence, and it is nowhere near as fine as the hat he acquired in a trade with me years ago...

Regarding the sad news I got from a friend: not to worry, nobody is sick or dying or anything, just some sad relationship news. Still very sad, nonetheless, and I can't quite believe it.

Regarding how I have spent my time off: Well, yesterday Jeannie and I spent pretty much all day running errands, and then last night Aimee came over and we made a big dinner of chicken, mashers, green beans, salad, homemade bread, and some homemade apple pie with vanilla ice cream. Yummy in mine tummy. Today we don't have any plans yet. Jeannie's at work and when she gets home I'm gonna see if she wants to go to Robert E. Lee Park and do some walking through what remains of the fall color. I think she also wants to work on some painting homework today.

Tomorrow: work, then BJ arrives! Seeing Coriolanus again, hopefully all the kinks have been ironed out...

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