Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Beeah in my Besh.

It's been one of those weeks where the days all seem to be wiping into each other and there's not much intersting to say. It's all due to work, pretty much, which has been boring and a pain in the ass and not much fun at all, aside from moments that I get to stop and watch "Fame" for a few minutes.

Aside from work, the week has been about getting to hang with MAW and Aimee last night, which was fun chatting and watching some TV over beers and pizza and Youknow Todd. Youknow Todd, by the way, is known to the rest of the world as the card game Uno. It's an obscure ZOOLANDER reference that I doubt anyone will get. I'm also pretty sure that nobody will get "beeah in my besh," for a few reasons. A) it's a sentence that I've only ever said to Jeannie. 2) It's a sentence that doesn't mean anything in the first place. Basically, in my head, it's someone saying "Beer in my bush," with a thick Boston accent. I don't know why I ever said it to begin with, or why I decided that saying it in a thick Boston accent would be amusing, or why I continue to say it, but every couple of days I just say it to Jeannie for no apparent reason other than I enjoy it.

So yeah, the week has also just been about enjoying any free time that I've had with Jeannie, which hasn't been a lot, but it's been fun anyway. Tonight I made a big spaghetti dinner before she got home, and then we've just been lounging about after a nice, hot shower.

Been thinking a lot about working on new music, but haven't done anything. This is due mostly to the fact that I have no ideas about the type of song I want to do next. I guess that I am in what Ron Rybkowski would call an "incubation period," which I guess is where you sit on your ass and wait for inspiration to strike. I love incubation periods.

Jeannie is falling asleep on the couch. She's supposed to be working on painting homework. She's my favorite person.

Sorry that this one's all over the place. No focus equals Art.

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