Saturday, October 29, 2005

Saturday Night's Alright for Bathing

Greetings from day 4 of house-sitting. Things are going just fine, with a few minor dog-related adventures involving blood-dripping incisions, poopy dog hair, and hot male-on-male dog action. But the dogs are getting used to us, we're getting used to the dogs and the house, and the only thing that isn't getting better is the much longer drive to work and anywhere else that we might want to go.

Jeannie and I both had Thursday off, so we headed to Harpers Ferry, West Virginia for the day, where we saw some historical stuff, walked across the Potomac River on a footbridge that's part of the Applachian Trail, and had a mediocre meal on the second floor of a strange restaurant that reminded me of a one-room schoolhouse or the church on Little House on the Prairie. Which was also the schoolhouse, so I guess I'm being redundant.

Tomorrow is light hang day for Coriolanus, and I will meet somebody named Bernie who has volunteered to help with the lighting. I get the feeling that he's an older gentleman, and not just because his name's Bernie.

I brought all my recording equipment here to the house in the hopes of having somme sort of cool "recording-in-a-big-house-in-the-woods" expereience, but so far nothing of the sort has happened.

We've been enjoying making fires and having a big kitchen.

Thanksgiving is getting closer, as are visits from several close friends, and I'm looking forward to everything. Life is good in the hood.

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