Thursday, October 20, 2005

Operation: Stand the hell around

Well, "Operation: Meet u2 2005" has proved itself to be a big ol' fat failure. After a morning meeting with Ian to play around with some lights for Coriolanus (which should be pretty interesting and lo-tech), I headed down to DC to the MCI center to wait outside the loading dock in order to give U2 a copy of my CD. This whole plan worked in St, Louis a few years ago, by the way. Well, I got down there at around 1pm, and ended up standing around until 6pm, when U2 arrived, and sped past in their big black cars. Didn't get out. No cd was handed off. I did manage to snap this picture, though.

Still, this picture ain't really worth standing around for 5 hours in the surprisingly cold DC air. And I had to pee nearly the whole time, but didn't want to lose my prime position, as there were lots of other geeks there. And I didn't really talk to anyone all day, because the other geeks there were all superbly annoying. So afterwards I headed into DC's Chinatown to have a delicious Chinese dinner. Although eating alone at a restaurant is always depressing, and I've already talked about my strange sadness associations with Chinese restaurants. I really enjoy going into the Chinatown sections of different cities, though. I took this other picture tonight of DC's.

Hung out with Danny Dolan after arriving back in Baltimore, went to Soundgarden and browsed the cd's. Browsing cd's isn't as fun as it used to be now that I work in a cd store.

The Jeanners is home from hangin' out with her friend Katie.


Can the boy tell time? said...

Dan, I love you for the fact that you drove to DC to give U2 your CD. But, I hate you because you did not give me your CD. I will actually stop and take it from you and then listen to it. I may not have a black SUV like Bono, but I do have a golden Toyota which, due to my superstardom, is made of actual gold from the dental fillings of my millions of adoring, albeit compulsive, fans which I had my legion of indentured servants grind into a fine powder, mix into a binder, and create the automotive paint which you may recall from the time you were in my car.
That was actual gold.

DOB said...

Oh Ricky,
The cd's not ready for general consumption yet. As soon as it is, you'll be the first to get one. I had no idea that was ACTUAL gold...

Anonymous said...

Sorry I couldn't stop to chat. I had to make some brown.