Monday, August 15, 2005

Vacation in Geektown


It's been awhile, again, but mostly because we've had visitors here. Karista was in town for about 5 days, and we went to Ocean City for 2 days, and we went to DC, and hung out a bit here. Then the Beej was in town, and he introduced Pat and I to a new geek card game called Anachronism, which is actually quite fun. He and I were able to do our perhaps new tradition of hitting the Rec Room for burgers and gin and tonics. Holy Damn the burgers there are good.

Work has been slightly frustrating, but still enjoyable.

The weather's been hot and gross, but Jeannie and I have been taking walks again before we go to bed. It's nice and relaxing and I really enjoy it.

That's about it, really. We're going camping next weekend with Pat and Aimee, hopefully the waves will be big and the weather won't be too gross. Until next time.

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